Where do we operate?

We operate throughout the Poland and abroad. In the city of Krakow, Kielce, the district Kazimierz, Miechow, Proszowice, Pińczów and Busko we won’t charge you for the cost of fuel.

How far in advance should you reserve a date?

Reservations terms are usually guided by the principle “first come, first served” . The final deadline for booking is made by signing a contract and an advance payment of 200 or 300 zł. Young Couples often reserve the date two years before the ceremony. But sometimes for personal reasons pair decide to cancel the ceremony, so be sure to ring and make sure that the desired date is free even a month before the wedding.

Are your filming video with video cameras or SLR?

We are filming full-frame using SLR’s “Canon.”

How many pictures we will receive from a wedding?

There is no fixed number of images, which pair receives because every wedding is different. The difference is in the number of guests, number of attractions, working time, etc. Customers receive a minimum of 300 photographs, most often much more – up to 700.

Where usually the session is made? How long does it take? What are the costs of travel to the convention?

We can take pictures throughout the Poland and abroad. If the couple does not have an idea for a place – we can give ideas. Time is not restricted. Mostly a young couple come and pick us up and we travel together to the destination. At the session, we are also making videos.

Can we sign a contract without having to meet up?

Of course. All the details will be discused trough email.

What time do we work?

Usually we work to end of unveiling and capping ceremony, but it is possible that we can stay longer at the wedding.

Can you take photos, when we are posing with family and friends?

Yes. We have a mobile studio (photobooth) where you can take pictures with your friends. Of course, we also can take pictures in different places.

Do you offer albums?

We offer photo albums, photo books, photos on canvas, foam, frame, designer pouches, USB, etc.

Do you have additional own lamps and whith what do you register sound?

We have our own lighting equipment, and we record sound with separate source – voice recorder.

Are you occupied every day with photography and filming?

Yes, we do this every day. Mainly we are working in the wedding industry but we do not close ourselves only in this area. We have a mobile studio that we use to create sessions for babies. We take photos for commercial companies too. Often we are shooting feminine sessions, masculine, fiance, etc.

When we pay for the service?

For the service you pay after putting the material.